The Uganda Intergovernmental Fiscal Transfer (UgIFT) Medium Term Review Mission occurred between January 16th and January 19th, 2023.

The mission kick-off with a meeting held at the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development on Monday, 16th January. Representatives from World Bank officials and representatives from Ministries, Departments, and Agencies attended the meeting. The World Bank representatives highlighted the Mission objectives and expectations while the Ministry of Finance offered an update on the restructuring position of UgIFT. At the same meeting, highlights of the findings of the 7th Joint Monitoring Report were shared. Following the meeting, two teams set off to northern and eastern Uganda. The areas covered by the teams included Yumbe District, Maracha District, Arua District, Soroti District, and Katakwi Districts. Various facilities under the programme were visited following entry meetings with the respective leadership teams of the Districts. The group that traveled to Yumbe, Maracha, and Arua visited Mocha HC II, Lodonga Seed Secondary School, Kololo Seed Secondary School (old), All saints Oluvu Seed Secondary School (New), Curube Hc II, St. Peters Aliba Seed Secondary School (New) and Arua Regional Referral Hospital.

The group that traveled to Soroti and Katakwi Districts visited Asuret Seed Secondary School (Old), Kamuda Seed Secondary school (New), Adamasiko RGC piped water system, Palam Seed Secondary School (old), and Aliakamer Hc II.

Discussions of the Field findings are set to be held by all participating MDAs and World Bank officials. Relatedly the UgIFT medium Term Review workshop is set to be held on Tuesday, 24th January 2023.  The medium-term review mission is among others meant to assess the project implementation status of projects under the UgIFT program, with the intention of ensuring their efficient and effective execution in order to guarantee better service delivery for the communities that the projects are meant to serve.

Click on this link to seek pictures of the Soroti and Katakwi District field visits.